EnSensa Solutions was founded based on award winning idea around learning and managing through models in areas of energy, environment, waste & resource management and sustainability, in general. This is based on our concept of undersanding an organization's metabolism as understanding metabolism of organisms!

Moving from idea to implementation, we help organizations with integrated solutions for sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through:

  • Organizational metabolism analysis
  • Developing insight and consensus based strategies and decision support systems
  • Sustainability Reporting services and solution (GRI - G4, ASC, IPIECA, UNGC, etc.)
  • Impactful IT Solutions

One of our key expertise is in using diverse data and building qualitative and quantitative models which give opportunity to experiment with ideas, play what-if scenarios and develop insights for the decision makers. These models are built together with decision makers and stakeholders in workshop setting and implemented for simulation as Games or Integrated Learning Environments (ILEs).

Organizations can make a greater systemic impact, be more efficient, minimize risks and save money, time, and resources using our approach for more informed, data driven, insight- and knowledge based solutions & strategies around environment, sustainability and CSR. This also gives organizations the opportunity to creatively engage stakeholders and learn and manage during strategy building process.

We often collaborate with academic and industrial partners, we focus on innovation and develop new tools and impactful projects. For example, our model based approach has been well recognized in international forums for resource management, sustainability and climate change! Himanshu Ardawatia presented our toolbox SustainMod 1.0 which is developed around our approach at World Resources Forum in Davos in year 2015!