Himanshu Ardawatia – Founder and Principal Consultant

Himanshu_pic_croppedHimanshu founded EnSensa Labs & Solutions based on his award winning idea around organizational metabolism and developing and using models to learn and manage in problems around environment, waste & resource management, and sustainability in general.

Apart from EnSensa Solutions and Labs, Himanshu consults with African Renewable Energy Distributors and Kigali Sanitation in Rwanda. He also serves as Community Manager – Europe for Grow Movement, UK.

Himanshu has been invited to present his work in area of renewable energy policy & analysis and sustainability at World forums such as World Resources Forum in Davos.

In the past, Himanshu has worked in research in analysing evolution of complex biological metabolic systems, Algae biodiesel, and consulting & solution development for renewable energy and sustainability at different organizations.

Himanshu is passionate about environment, sustainability and education areas.