Where the organization is on the sustainability scale? We don't just look at few parameters - we work with you towards getting the complete picture.

This helps us in identifying the needs and, along with you, defining the sustainability pathway for your organization.

Sustainability Pathway Development:

This is a logical step after the diagnosis phase.

Through our innovative model based tools, we focus on data-driven, insightful, knowledge based, inclusive sustainability strategies. We think in terms of sustainability pathways to reflect the systemic and inclusive approach to capture the multi-parameter, multi-stakeholder, multi-level aspects of the perspectives when it comes to sustainability of triple bottom line of your organization.

We work with you on identifying the enablers, drivers, catalysts and barriers regarding sustainability in your organization.

We identify and, if needed, develop Key Performance Indicators with you through systems analyses. We help identify and engage your stakeholders, identify and remove silos in the organization. Bringing it all together, we use our innovative model based tools to explore scenarios help you develop an inclusive systemic pathway for sustainability in your organization. 

Sustainability / CSR Reporting:

What we can measure, we can potentially improve. Sustainability reporting is an integral part of the sustainability journey. We believe not just in reporting but in being able to use the diverse data for data-driven strategies. Therefore, in line with sustainability pathway development, we also help in different aspects of sustainability reporting for your organization.

We help with identifying parameters, organize data, calculations and analyses and offer the smart enterprise solution KSustaim which integrates smoothly with your existing systems. KSustaim is one of the few Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) sustainability reporting software and helps not only with sustainability reporting but also for Environmental management systems in line with ISO 14001. KSustaim ensures data traceability, auditability and helps is developing accurate and transparent reports for various aspects of sustainability / CSR. We help with your reporting for diverse global and local general and industry-specific standards such as GRI-G4, IPIECA, ASC, MSC, Integrated Reporting etc.  Our expertise, insights and up-to-date knowledge base helps us in identifying the most efficient way of finding correspondence between different reporting standards!

We also help formulate high quality sustainability reports which can be used to engage stakeholders and also help in effectively and efficiently communicating your sustainability vision and pathways and how you plan to achieve them.

Sustainability Courses & Training:

Without proper insights and training around sustainability, neither the leadership, managers or any other stakeholders can be expected to fully participate or enable to sustainability process. This has been identified as one of the key barriers in sustainability in organizations.

We believe in your empowerment and ownership of your sustainability pathways. Through our customized, high quality interactive workshops, courses and training programs for the Board, C-suite, Managers and stakeholder groups, we deliver best in class knowledge, insights which can enhance not only the initiation process into different sustainability aspects but also in effective change management.

We help create sustainability champions in your organization!

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Projects' Implementation:

We work, around the world, with many innovative grass-root level intiatives in-line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These grass-root level projects focus on creating value for environment, society through economic development at base of pyramid - for all members of society irrespective of ethnicity or gender.

We help you implement your CSR initiatives effectively and efficiently through such projects. We ensure effective monitoring and evaluation and impact assessment at all stages of the projects. Transparency and impact are the key and we strive to ensure that such projects are sustainable and have sustainable impact over the years!