We believe that for a sound society, different parts of the social ecosystem need to be developed. In long term, this can help create an enriched and prosperous society where everyone has opportunities to flourish!

In line with our philosophy, we support activities which help in and have positive impact on social development through our knowledge, expertise and technology:

Red Cross: Course development for integration of youth in the refugee program

With the growing humanitarian crisis in the middle-east, there increasing tide of refugees into Norway. Due to this there is an increasing need for better and effective integration programs for refugees in Norway. Particular concern is for the youth who, having been uprooted from their culture may have challenges adjusting to the new culture while maintaining their identity. They need direction and guidance and also need to understand that they can have great capability to enrich the society.

In this regard, we, along with Global Future Venneforeningen, have been working with Norwegian Red Cross for development of more effective courses for the refugee youth with an aim to be of help in their integration process. Our expertise in high quality course and workshop development & delivery has comes in quite handy in this case! We are glad to be able to contribute to this important topic which will have long term consequences on societal development.

Bergen Amateur Drama Society (BADS)

Bergen Amateur Drama Society (BADS) is a group of enthusiastic people from all ages (oldest is the ever active and inspiring Rosemary - the founder who turned 84 in 2016) and all walks of society. They work hard the whole year and in february every year showcase their humorous pantomime through exquisite and engaging performances! The audience just loves BADS performances!

We support BADS with web technology such that they have a great and engaging website. This has helped BADS get more audience and more members! We are glad to work with the very creative people at BADS and cherish our opportunity to contribute to BADS!

Visit: badsteater.org